specialist RIGGING

Doyle Rigging's specialist team offers a full rigging service from our Half Moon Bay Marine base, including:

- Rig inspection
- Mast removal and restepping
- Stainless and aluminium welding
- Spar repairs/refinishing
- Replacement of standing and running rigging
- Rope sales and splicing
- Wire swaging
- Sales and service of furling equipment
- Rigging hardware and systems
- Winch servicing
- Mast electrics; wind instruments; radio antennas
- Lazy jacks
- Lifelines and jackstays
- Undercover mast storage
- Marina/mooring lines
- Architectural rigging

We have strong links with a number of top suppliers, so can supply top quality equipment and competitive prices. Our other rigging services include:

- Custom running backstay setups
- Complete re-rig service
- Rod rigging service including ROD heading up to-6(5mm) to -540(50.8 mm) dye testing and rod replacement
- Rig inspection, safety checks and insurance report.
- Custom made jack-stays

Rig Inspections & Reports

Essential for those without expert knowledge and owners who do not go aloft. The Doyle Rigging mast and rigging inspection provides a completely impartial overview of the condition of your mast and standing rigging. For all yachts, from one season old to very old, these reports will give you annual rig records for your future reference.

Terms & Conditions Apply: A rig inspection includes photos and a full written report. This visual inspection will include mast, spars, all running and standing rigging. This is a mobile service so our rigging technicians will carry out the inspection at your boats current location. Rig Inspections can only be done with the boat in the water and alongside a dock. Rig Inspections cannot be done while the boat is out of the water. This inspection is compiled following a visual check. Inspection is for the boat owner only and is not transferable. It cannot be used to raise finance or insurance for the vessel.

Swaging Services and Standing Rigging services

Doyle Rigging NZ provides a full range of standing rigging services, from new rigging wire, to tang replacement. We provide roller Furler Service as well as install new and refurbish old units.

We tailor our service to suit you and your vessel. We will duplicate/replace your existing rigging in partnership with you. We supply only the finest 316 stainless steel wire rope together with high quality swage terminals and fittings. We are capable of swaging wire up to 16mm and talurit up to 12mm.


We can provide strong customised stainless steel lifelines for your boat. We only use high strength 316 stainless steel wire. We also provide a comprehensive lifeline inspection service to maximize the working life of rigging. This plan may include a rig tune and sea trial.

Running Rigging

We provide a comprehensive range of running rigging services. We can offer custom splices for halyards, sheets and lines in a huge variety of products. We can also produce custom length specialized application lines.

Our running rigging service ranges from extremely high technology lines to low budget cruising rope. We can provide dynamic and static running rigging lines. We have close links with a range of rigging suppliers so our products are top quality and prices are competitive.

Quality Yacht Rigging

Doyle Rigging NZ use only durable high quality rigging line in our running rigging applications.

We can supply lines in a huge variety of materials including: spectra (dyneema), vectran, kevlar, polyamides, polyester, dacron.

We supply a wide range of lines including: Braid on braid, double braid, kingbraid, covered/uncovered dyneema, UV treated dyneema and traditional hemp style lines.

Our running rigging features a wide range of quality features including:

Custom chafe protection

High friction lines/covers

High load lines

Low stretch lines

Low creep lines

Weight saving lines

Sailing system Installations

Are your winches, jammers, blocks, cleats, tracks, cars and other fittings playing up?

In many cases we can service these for you, or replace them with new parts.

Spreader ends

We also supply leather 'Spreader Boots' built in-house by the Doyle team.

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