Stratis GPX delivers the ultimate in sail
performance through reliable shape
retention and light weight laminates.

Stratis GPX laminates can be specified with double films for
ultimate performance or a single film and taffeta for slightly better
durability with minimal weight gain.

GPX uses combinations of high performance Kevlar and/or carbon
fibre as the primary load bearing yarns. These fibres, mixed with
specialist resins, produce sails with a combination or durability,
high performance and weight saving.

As well as carbon fibre and Kevlar, a combination of Twaron,
Technora and PEN can also used in the construction of a Stratis
GPX laminate sail.

For more detailed information on the Stratis GPX range, visit the Stratis website.

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Proven offshore
and inshore,
Stratis continues to
fill the trophy shelf.


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