Introducing the Cable-less Code Zero a sail in which an uninterrupted lens of uni-directional fibres designed in the luff of the sail takes the load from the tack all the way to the head.

This advancement will give the ability to ease the tack up effortlessly and get more luff projection for deeper angles, giving the sails constructed with this method more range, lighter weight and less total cost.  Part of this stems from eliminating the often heavy and expensive torsion ropes that have become prerequisites to successful deployment of standard Code Zero’s.

The secret behind the concept is that the load is taken along the sails natural load path instead of requiring the many tons of cable tension to try and keep the luff tight. In the Cable-less Code Zero the luff is pushed to windward creating a far straighter luff for a fraction of the load; this also helps accommodate a portion of the rule required mid-girth and allowing the luff to be eased and flown for deeper angles.  When it comes time to furl the sail away the bands of unidirectional Carbon running down the luff allows for a quick and easy ‘bottom up’ furl. 


CablelessCodeZero 1

Less Weight

Less Hassle

Less Cost

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