News Rio 100 wins Transpac Barn Door award

05 Aug 2015

The 48th edition of the Transpac has come to a close and Rio 100, powered by Doyle Sails has collected the Barn Door trophy. 

Awarded each race for the fastest monohull elapsed time in the race. The Barn Door trophy was originally the first-to-finish trophy, though since 2009 winning the award has been restricted to manual, power-only sailing yachts.

The 2225-mile Transpac, stretching from Los Angeles to Honolulu, threw the fleet plenty of challenges. A patch of light air parked in the middle of the course forced some evasive action, with yachts heading both north and south in an attempt to skip avoid it, while a huge debris field which saw fishing nets, rope, driftwood and other objects float into the fleet's path, added extra challenges. 

Early in the race, Rio 100 headed north in search of steady breeze, which was reflected in a solid final corrected time of six days, 19 hours, 30 minutes and six seconds when her and her crew crossed the line on the 25 July. 

Rio 100 crewmember, Keith Kilpatrick, also won the Don Vaughn Memorial Trophy; awarded to the most outstanding crewmember in the Barn Door Trophy-winning crew. Kilpatrick, the captain of Manouch Moshayedi's Rio 100, received the award in recognition of his efforts in New Zealand in 2014, which saw extensive modifications to the boat, including lengthening and changing a canting to a fixed keel.

In what was an exciting project for Doyle Sails NZ, we supplied the 30m IRC super maxi Rio 100 (formerly Zana, Konica Minolta and Lahana) with a full race inventory of Doyle Stratis carbon ICE sails, during its refit in New Zealand.