News Strong sails performance on first local F-22

12 Dec 2012

At the end of 2012 the first local F-22 ‘G3H’, built by Rob Densem, was launched in Christchurch, just preceding the first production F-22.

Developed in New Zealand by renowned designer Ian Farrier of Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd, the F-22 is a breakthrough boat that is the result of years of development, filling the gap in the market for a low cost entry level trailerable trimaran. Although F-22 models have already been completed and launched offshore ‘G3H’ is the first completed here in New Zealand. Fittingly, she features NZ made sails, from Doyle Sails, who are proud to have been selected to supply sails to this project.

F 22NZHeadingBack440


“After spending nearly six years and 2,500 hours part-time building my F22 Farrier Trailer TRI, the choice of sails was a big decision for me. Did I go with my heart and buy local or look to Auckland and big lofts and get lost in the crowd?,” explained Densem. “When designer Ian Farrier recommended Doyle Sails, a big international company with a big multihull reputation, to me I was apprehensive as I thought I would be just a number.”

“After meeting Roger Hall from Doyle Sails NZ in person and seeing his genuine interest in our project I became more comfortable. From the first conversation through the whole design/discussion/manufacturing process Doyle were amazing, interfacing with the designer and mast rigger effortlessly,’ said Densem.

F 22NZcrew451

Hall joined Farrier and Densem on board for the first sea trials of ‘G3H’ and the results exceeded expectations. With the main jib up and starting to move, “We were soon doing over 11 knots to windward, which even surprised me for a new and unturned standard F-22,” wrote Farrier. “[The] sails were also very impressive.”

“The outcome of this collaborative effort is incredible, a suit of sails I am proud to own,” concluded Densem “My little trailer TRI is a flyer. The fact it did 11 knots upwind and 14 knots downhill with little tuning on the second time out is testimony that I made the right decision to be a Doyle sailboat. I have no doubt my suit of Doyle Sails is the best I have sailed with and they are only just out of the bag. A big thank you to the Doyle Sails NZ team for looking after the little guy.”

Contact the Doyle Sails NZ team for more information on F-22 sails.