News Shaw 11m underway for Sydney yachtsman

13 May 2014

Doyle Sails New Zealand has been selected to supply the sails to a new Shaw 11m inshore racer currently in build at Van Munster Boats in Australia. The project has been an enjoyable collaboration between Rob Shaw of Shaw Yacht Design, Doyle Sails NZ and the experienced Sydney-based owner.

Shaw 11aa

Rob Shaw explains the development process of the design: “Conceptually the design takes some inspiration from the Shaw 10 metre Orbit, first launched and campaigned by Mike Sanderson in New Zealand and now based in Sydney. Development of systems such as the electric/hydraulic canting keel and refinement of the sail handling systems will make for a nimble yet powerful boat, well suited to the type of conditions experienced on Sydney harbour. Special attention has been paid to ensure the boat is well-behaved, an essential characteristic for a high-performance boat to be raced on the tight courses and busy waters of Sydney harbour.”

The Shaw 11m’s owner worked with Justin Ferris of the Doyle NZ team to select the optimum itinerary for the yacht, choosing Doyle Stratis carbon ICE sails for the performance benefits they offer. The Doyle Sails NZ design team is currently running a full analysis on the rig sail package prior to finalising the final sail inventory. “We are undertaking a full rig interaction analysis to come up with the rig tune settings so that the sails are optimised for different wind conditions and sail combinations,” explains Richard Bouzaid, Head of Design at Doyle Sails NZ. “This design work will ensure the sails are up to speed and performing at their optimum as soon as they are fitted.”

Shaw 11a

“This has been an exciting project for me, and I have particularly enjoyed working with the yacht’s designer Rob Shaw,” says the owner. “The design brief for Rob was that the yacht should be a fast day sailor that was easy to handle and that we could have a lot of fun on. This is my first time working with Doyle Sails, having been introduced to the Doyle team following a recommendation. I was impressed by their advice and knowledge on this type of boat and from the word go Justin Ferris really understood what I wanted from the yacht’s sails. He explained the advantages of the new Stratis ICE sails, and the extra longevity and weight savings, which I liked and so decided to go with the new technology of ICE sails. I am looking forward to seeing the finished sails when the boat delivers later this year.”