News Management change and strategic restructure at Doyle Sails New Zealand

07 Sep 2016

Effective as of the 1 October 2016 Doyle Sails New Zealand is to undergo an ownership and management change as part of a strategic restructure. Mike Sanderson, director and head of sales, will take over as the majority shareholder and CEO. Fellow owner/directors David Duff and Richard Bouzaid will also increase their shareholding with Duff appointed Managing Director and Bouzaid as Director of Design. Chris McMaster, currently Managing Director of Doyle Sails New Zealand, is to move into a consultative role that will allow him to step away from the day-to-day operations of the company while still making his expertise available to Doyle Stratis customers. 

Doyle Directors crop

These changes mark a renewed strategy for Doyle Sails New Zealand to continue the fast growth of its presence in the high end performance market. With Sanderson, Duff and Bouzaid all having significant experience in a wide range of high performance race campaigns, including the Volvo Ocean Race and Americas Cup, the team’s combined expertise and knowledge in this sector is unmatched. The new management team will continue to build on the recent successful move into the top race boat market, combined with the proven superyacht successes and results, to position Doyle Sails New Zealand as one of the world's leading marine companies. 

“My time building the Stratis technology and product at Doyle Sails NZ has undoubtedly been one of my most satisfying achievements,” says McMaster. “The Kiwi attitude of can do and taking on the world is something we are proud of at Doyle Sails New Zealand, and now is the right time for Mike and the guys to take it to the next level again. Mike has proven himself many times over at the top in the competitive sailing game word wide, and running the Doyle team will be no different - driving a team of highly motivated individuals all in the same direction to be at the top of their game.” 

“Chris, Lynda and the family are not just business partners, but very good friends. This development has been a result of many conversations about both how Chris and his family can get out and enjoy life, after living and breathing Doyle Sails NZ for so many years, and how we can build on Chris’ impressive legacy to keep taking the business to the next level,” says Sanderson. “We have never been afraid to embrace change and take the business in new directions – the Stratis range is the epitome of that – and the time is right to capitalise on opportunities. I am more charged up than ever and ready to help steer Doyle Sails NZ, and in particular our world leading Stratis product, into the next phase and that is going to be a very exciting challenge.

“I’m very proud to have been associated with Mike, Duffy and Richard over the years, and it is incredibly satisfying to be handing the business over so that these guys can take it to the next stage,” says McMaster. “This change will allow myself and my family the time to enjoy life and for me to get out putting the product that we have been making for so many years to my personal use, cruising the world for the next few years. I’m hoping to be catching up with as many of our customers as possible actually out on the water.”