News New 60-metre Perini fitted with largest ever sail

02 Jun 2015

Perini Navi's new Perseus^3 (Perseus cubed), is carrying the largest single sail ever created and will debut her Doyle wardrobe at the Superyacht Cup, Palma. 

The Cup, which kicks off on the 17 June, is the first time the 60-metre Perini Navi will be truly put through her paces after her launch earlier this year. Her A2 spinnaker is the largest single sail in the world and is bigger than the area of all 15 of Maltese Falcon's sails combined. The Doyle team worked closely with Perini Navi, Germanischer-Lloyd and Future Fibres to ensure Perseus^3's performance was uncompromised. 

Doyle CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tackled the issue of properly balancing the load on the three headstays, with the additional Code 0 Torque Rope, while still maintaining an acceptable headstay sag for the yacht when racing. Working with the engineers from across the project, Doyle CFD helped establish the proper balance and stability of loads on the stays and the sails. 

She'll be competing as part of a fleet of 20 in the Superyacht Cup, Palma, and those enormous sails and 75.8-metre carbon mast by Future Fibres promise to turn heads during the regatta. A crew of at least 30 will guide her round the course; her first time sailing fully crewed in a regatta. 

Perseus 3