News Maxi 72's and Doyle Sails winning combo at 2017 Copa del Rey

05 Aug 2017

The 2017 Copa del Rey Regatta saw 4 Maxi 72's battle it out over a week long period. Doyle Sails were lucky enough to provide sails for 3 of the 4 Maxi's and were pumped to be a part of such a world-class competition.


Doyle Sails CEO, Mike Sanderson on the performance of Bella Mente and the other Maxi's during the regatta:

"We kept battling away and that is one of the enjoyable things about this team. We sail the same way whether we are first or last. We have been working on that pretty hard. The other guys have been working so hard to catch us up and/or pass us. Going into the Maxi Worlds the mental toughness is going to be important. There will be five very even boats and the ability to turn a fifth into a fourth and a fourth into the third will be important."



MOMO - 1st place

PROTEUS - 3rd place

BELLA MENTE - 4th place

Doyle Sails would also like to give a shout out to  RP63 LUCKY who took 8th in the race!