News Mari Cha III gets performance upgrade with new sails

02 Jun 2017

The famous Mari Cha III has made her shining debut in Palma, Mallorca this week. The 44m Sensation Yacht has had a rig extension of 3m, as well as, all new Stratis ICE sails with modern-looking square tops. 

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The yacht was fitted with a full wardrobe of high performance ICE sails, created at Doyle Sails New Zealand's Auckland loft, and the 44-metre yacht has been putting her new sail inventory through its paces. With the light, durable sails,Mari Cha III has found no loss of stability in arduous elements, delivering better performance and longevity. The modern-looking sails are a performance upgrade that will give extra area and allow more control of the twist. Stratis ICE is 11 times stronger than steel, weight for weight. ICE is remarkably light, durable, performs well under temperature changes and is made in an environmentally friendly, solvent-free process. 

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ICE is a new generation UHMWP sail fibre first applied to the marine industry by the Doyle Stratis team, and tests have shown an exceptionally high resistance to flex fatigue, with ICE retaining its initial shape longer than other sail membranes. 

Results for ICE have shown the highest resistance to flex fatigue of any sail product, with ICE sails retaining their initial shape and speed longer than any other sail membrane. This allows the Doyle design team to engineer sails much closer to their work load, and avoid over-engineering them in anticipation of future flex fatigue. Overall this makes ICE the first realistic alternative to carbon in performance racing sails. 

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 Images taken by Doyle Sails Palma