News Kite Surfers Own It

30 Apr 2013

Don’t say our team don’t know how to dominate the water in every way. Doyle team member Kent McNish was the mastermind of a recent kite surfing journey from Auckland all the way to Great Barrier. They took three hours and 50 minutes to complete the journey and reached speeds of up to 50kmh. They also raised more than $6000 for the Starship Foundation. Doyle was a major sponsor of the challenge and supplied the fuel and the Doyle chase boat to provide the team on-water support and transport back from Great Barrier.

kitsurfers2Challenge leader Kent says the journey was mentally tough: "The sheer concentration was hard. It got so rough and choppy you had to concentrate, as soon as you took your mind off what you were doing you would hit an edge and bail. I came off in the middle of nowhere, we couldn't even see land, only whitewater and swells. Thankfully I got back up. At points I was getting picked up off the water and just flying."

They were met by residents when they reached the island. "One woman came down to meet us and said she had been watching us come in with her binoculars. The look on locals' faces were priceless when we said we came from Auckland."

You can donate to Kent and the boys here -