News Evolution of Doyle NZ's Young 88 sails

04 Mar 2014

Following on from successful racing in 2013 including win for Doyle with Flash Gordon at the Young 88 National, Doyle Sails NZ design team continues to refine their Young 88 sails as part of their constant improvement programme. “The 2014 sails include Stratis carbon ICE genoas and number 1 and 2 jibs, and represent an evolution from our successful 2013 sails,” said Richard Bouzaid, Head of Design at Doyle Sails NZ. “Lots of work has also gone in to the spinnaker and increasing the stablity of the shoot for better performance in disturbed airflows.” Flash Gordon will be back at the 2014 Young 88 Nationals (held 11-13 April) to defend their title.

Stratis Y88 nationals