News Doyle Sails One Design have more Optimist success with Cross Cut

01 Feb 2015

Thanks to for this interview with Andrew Brown, One Design Manager at Doyle Sails NZ. 

It has been a busy ten months in the job for Andrew Brown, Doyle Sails One Design Manager.

Doyle Sails had more success last weekend in the Auckland Optimist Championships, taking first and second overall in the 110 strong Open fleet. Six countries were represented in the event, and young sailors came the length of New Zealand to compete in the regatta that is a ranking event for World and International team selection.

"Doyle Sails NZ is servicing the Worldwide Optimist market with the new Doyle Cross Cut sail', says Brown. "In the short time since we have developed these sails, we have placed first and second at the 2015 Brazilian Nationals."

Lores OptimistsJanuary 26 2 007Oliver Cowley - Gold fleet - 2nd overall with a Doyle Cross Cut - Auckland Optimist Championships
credit Richard Gladwell

"The top NZ sailor at the 2014 Worlds used one of these sails, which also won the North Island Champs and got first, second and fourth in the recent Auckland Champs. Doyle NZ is also the NZ agent for J Sail and between the J Sails and the Doyle Cross Cut sail, we outfitted the top 10 overall in the Gold fleet."

Brown says Doyle have also sold their Optimist Cross Cut sails into Asia and to the USA with approximately 200 sails sold in the last ten months. "When you come to us you don't just get the sail, you get the back up and support to help these young sailors improve, and understand sailing so they are on a pathway of learning for the rest of their sailing careers."

lores OptimistsJanuary 26 Doyle 007Open fleet winner Robbie McCutcheon (4429) with Tanner Cup winner Sam Bacon (4429) using a J sail - also from Doyle Sails - 2015 Auckland Optimist Championships, Wakatere. Credit Richard Gladwell

"We want these young sailors to be great sailors in their future lives whether racing or cruising or crewing on superyachts. These guys and girls are our future", Brown says passionately. 

"Sponsorship of grassroots events has been a huge factor with Doyle in NZ," he adds. "If sailors are supporting us we are putting it straight back to them and the events in which they compete." 

lores OptimistsJanuary 26 Doyle 008Doyle Cross Cut Optimist Sails have won several significant Optimist Championships - here at 2015 Auckland Optimist Championships, Wakatere. Credit Richard Gladwell

As well as his involvement with Doyle Sails One Design, Brown is also a long time coach and top dinghy sailor. He's won 13 national titles in small boats, been an Olympic representative, and undertakes contract coaching for the Yachting New Zealand's (YNZ) NZL Sailing Team. He also coaches locally and internationally as well as running several local yacht club programmes in Auckland.