News Doyle Sails New Zealand collaborates on a 56-metre Huisman new build

06 Jul 2015

One of our latest projects is one we're very excited about; a 56-metre new build being created at Royal Huisman in Vollenhove, the Netherlands. 

We've been enjoying the challenge of putting together a sail package that meets requirements of long distance cruising, with the odd regatta thrown into the mix. Working closely with Rondal, the rigging manufacturers, we're providing a main and mizzen with integrated reefing, designed for high performance with the boom rolling system which is being being manufactured by Rondal.

The roller headsails will be comprised of blade jib, owners staysail, heavy duty delivery staysail, then a reacher/code0 which will be set on a removable furling torque stay to reduce windage. The downwind inventory is made up of a full running AP gennaker and mizzen staysail; both of which have been crafted to perform well in Bucket racing with full crew, as well as under regular cruising conditions. 

From the start of the project, our team has worked closely with the yard and designers. The early involvement approach has resulted in a design-led sail plan emerge that will meet requirements, with sail crossovers, integration of the sail and boom package, ease of use and low maintenance factors. 

Being involved from the start of the project has meant the Doyle team has been able to change the initial specs for an optimal end result beyond expectations. Early load analysis, aero analysis and FEA work have been worked into decisions on deck layout, mast loadings and overall loadings, reducing the chances of changes later in the build and so streamlining the build process.

Working with other companies on the project, as well as closely with the yard and designers, before the build has begun, has allowed potential roadblocks to be identified and solutions found before the issues have manifested. 

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 Former collaboration between Royal Huisman and Doyle Sails New Zealand, Elfje