News Beau Geste Racing fitted with Stratis Sail Art sails

12 Aug 2015

With some of the best yachts in the world heading to Hamilton Island Race Week, there’ll be one in particular which stands out from the rest of the fleet.

Screen Shot 2015 08 13 at 2.26.02 pm
The newest iteration of Beau Geste; newly launched in Auckland in July, is the latest yacht to carry Stratis Sail Art onboard. The product from Doyle Sails New Zealand sees photo-quality prints printed onto sails with precision. 

Build project manager and Beau Geste sailing master, Gavin Brady, chose the technique to translate Beau Geste’s signature motif to its new sail inventory.

“Our logos on our sails have come out very clear with a sharp finish and people have noticed the way the logo reflects in the sun close up and far away,” says Brady, comparing the finish to a traditional paint finish. 

“We are very happy with the finished result, the logo blends into the mainsail and the design process was very easy. We sent the logo to Doyle Sails New Zealand and they sent back a sample for us to ok - it was that simple,” says Brady.  

The yacht, which was built by Cookson Boats and designed by Botin Partners, has been created for inshore and offshore racing and will debut during Hamilton Island Race Week. 

View the video of Beau Geste with her new sail inventory here. 

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