News Alex Thomson credits Doyle Stratis Sail Art as advantageous during Vendee Globe

24 Mar 2017

Hugo Boss skipper Alex Thomson posted a video on Facebook today giving credit to Doyle Stratis for their innovative sail art technology.

Stratis sail art is the process of printing photo quality images onto sails as opposed to the traditional hand painting method. Not only does this end result produce sharp and detailed images, but it also saves significant amounts of weight. As Thomson explains in his video this technology, launched by the New Zealand Stratis facility, saved 60-70 kilos of weight on Hugo Boss during the Vèndee Globe 2016/2017. 


 Stratis technicians laying graphics on sail membrane 

Another perk of Stratis printing is that it doesn't compromise the durability of the sail, compared to the conventional paint process which results in brittle sail membranes. Full photo images are transferred onto the sails acting as a high definition billboard for sponsors. 


Machine prepares to laminate as the final step